Jake Gilfillan
I am Senior Production Engineer at Bungie working with the teams that create Destiny 2's Seasonal and Expansions destinations. My passion is finding potential in the places where people and technology meet, and I leverage that potential to improve the day-to-day work of the teams I collaborate with. 
Outside of work, I enjoy developing mechanics and encounters for the perfect balance of fun, feel, and challenge. With a background in computer science and 10 years of working in tools like Unity, and Unreal, I'm comfortable working in an editor, IDE, or visual scripting toolset. 
What is a Production Engineer? 
Production Engineers (PE) are force multipliers that use their wide expertise and passion for support to augment the effectiveness of the teams they support. 
If your studio doesn't have PEs, it probably has people like them, folks you can ask any question, that have the experience and tenacity to find an answer. PE work often gets compared to and overlaps with that of Tech Artists, Tech Designers, Tools Engineers, and Build Engineers.